Technical specifications 

Dimensions :

Length : 7.400 mm

Width : 2.500 mm

Chassis : Its made from ST-52 and high resistant “I” cut chassis. 8 mm thickness chassis up and down 14 mm width for the 14 mm 120 mm

Plate for intensification from king pin to after legs 180X16 ST 52 steel and both of ends round shape

Turning Table : 1100/22 turning table at the front of trailer

Axles : 3 Osman Koc brand high quality axles with TUV certificate.

Suspension : Air suspension on the 3 axles

Air system : WABCO with EBS

Shock absorber : MAYSAN  brand and it has TUV certificate

Brake Adjusters : HALDEX  brand and it has TUV certificate

Twist locks : 4 units twist locks (Hand type/short arm) and they have TUV certificate. Twist locks’ places painted and pins will be galvanized to be seen at night.

Wheel and tyres : 315 80 R 22.5 12+1 units tyres and rims with TUV certificate

Electrical System : ASPOCH brand 24 V electrical system with side lamps led every 2.5 Meter – It has ADR certificate

Connectors 15 and 7 pin – 2 unit stop lamp by 7 functionally shall be covered with cage installed by bolts.

2 units import plate illumination lamp

Reflectors and velocity plates (European type)

All cables will be hold by cable-holder

Paint : Epoxy and paint with RAL code ......

Accessories :

·          2 units projectors
·          Pillars each side 4 units (For each side 4 X 600 mm) 
·          The place to collect pillars
·          Single part front wall height 1400 mm + 200 mm
·          Cable holders each 300 mm and settled under winches
·          Lashing rings at rear with 25 mm holes
·          Bumper and number plate frame.
·          Spare tyre frame with locking system
·          Toolbox 1 pcs (1200X600X600mm)
·          Woodbox 1 pcs – At the rear of trailer
·          Water tank (it will be fixed by welding)
·          6 units mudguards  
·          Fire extinguisher box & Box for licences
·          2 units rubber chocks at the rear of trailer
·          Buzzer on the bumper