Alura design & produce special flatbed trailers according to customer requirement as;extendable flatbed alura

Air, Hydraulic or Mechanical Suspension

Furnished with WABCO EBS

Steering and extending solutions

Side pillars or covers

Drop deck type

Steel or Wood floor options

Twist locks for 20 - 30 - 40 - 45" ISO Containers

All our trailers are painted in oven after sand or shoot blasted according to customer choice as well as metalization option is available.

For your semi trailer needs you can always contact with us, our sales team will glad to assist you to choice right configuration for your flatbed trailers.

You can go to product page for flatbed trailer, you can see our latest semi trailer production  

New Semi Trailers by ALURA Trailer


  • Delivery on time

    Alura delivers its semi trailers to its customers on time

  • Best Shipment Way

    Our experts choose best shipment way for our customers

  • Long Term Business Relations

    We always believe long term business relationship with our customers

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