Semi Trailer Configurations

Semi Trailer configurations

If you are looking for to buy new semi trailer for your fleet, you need to make researches on web.

There are thousands of trailer & semi trailer manufacturer in the world. Each country also has different rules for configurations. To get some information about semi trailer configuration its better to check here

For European vehicle sizes you can also check here

Container chassis trailers are designed to carry various type of ISO containers. You can get some information here

20container chassis

Also Flatbed Trailers are designed to carry ISO containers as well as dry loads. Flatbed Trailers are also have different options like extendable flatbed trailers, with side walls, hydraulic steering options etc. 

grey flat3

Lowbed Trailers are designed to carry machines, heavy loads ets. To choose lowbed trailer you need to know some basic informations like here Lowbed Trailers have also many optional configurations like Extendable Lowbed Trailers, Hydraulic Detachable Goosneck Trailers, Hydraulic Suspension etc.. 

See this article "What is a lowboy trailer" To get more information about lowbed trailers

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What is a semi tipper trailer?

alura tipper rock

Due to different work demands and the need to enhance efficiency in your operations, the choice of work equipment becomes very useful.

You definitely want to invest the least you can while at the same time get the best quality to serve you throughout the life-cycles of your chosen equipment.

The tipper truck trailer also called the tipping semi-trailer or the dump trailer is one such equipment that will help you on such grounds.

Tipper trailers have many designs, capacity and specifications to suit your needs and help you to engage in safe operations.

Most importantly, these trailers offer you with the longest lifespan you can ever think of in the market. Your investment in a dumper trailer will pay off since it gets rid of the need to go for costly machinery.

How to choose correct semi trailer configuration especially for flatbed trailers;

There are key aspects that determine the choice of a trailer to pick ranging from its quality to its efficiency and reliability during operations. For wind turbine blades/windmill towers, the kind of trailers to choose from include:

Telescopic trailers
• Specific blade trailers
• Specific tower trailer

Telescopic Trailers

These can be used to transport both wind blades and the tower. This is the kind of trailer that you need if you want to handle the different kinds of loads in your operations. Its design and construction are meant to take care of these needs.

Its structure comprises:

• A Gooseneck
• A steering mechanism
• An extendable beam
• The tail platform.