Extendable trailers for long loads

ALURA offer various type extendable semi trailer for long loads.

ALURA extendable trailers are produced according to customer requirements upon our technical confirmation.

Flatbeds, Container Chassis and Lowbed trailers as well as mobile station trailers we can supplying from Turkey

extendable trailers

Our extendable trailers are furnished with air - steel and hydraulic suspensions according to type of trailer and road conditions.

Flatbed trailers with side boards or just pillars and front wall option we can present to our customers.

Lowbed trailers with hydraulic detachable gooseneck, bending gooseneck or hydraulic ramp options, we produce for our customers.

extendable lowbed trailer production

If you are looking for semi trailer producer now you are right place. We supply our semi trailers from Turkey to all over the world since 2005 under european regulations, with WVTA - COC certficated. Our difference is, fast delivery, reasonable prices, same quality with European trailers since we are supplying hundreds of trailers to EU countries to be shipped Middle Easy and African countries.

To get more information about ALURA Trailers and for your price requirements please contact with our sales team